Since its opening ten years ago, Bistrot Cinq has gained an important place in the gastronomic scene of La Antigua. The Colonial City was introduced to this French bistro that features the favorite dishes of French cuisine – such as trout amandine, pied de cochon and steak frites, with the right amount of béarnaise sauce – as well as a varied wine list to create impeccable parings.

Bistrot Cinq, with its romantic atmosphere, resulting from the combination of low lights, a magnificent chandelier and walls covered in works of art created by diners, besides becoming the ideal place where to celebrate important moments, has earned the respect of great critics and connoisseurs of fine dining for being a representative of the art of exquisitely honest cuisine, with flavors that also feed the soul.

All the dishes presented in their menu are well structured, prepared, and are consistent which results in them quickly become favorites. From time to time, Mario Godínez – the resident chef – has special dishes, such as the cochon de lait (which you should never miss). For those who love seasonal food, the usual recommendation is to pay attention to the blackboard with the specials. They are incredible!

You should know that the bistro’s fame has grown and its quality and dedication to service – is as perfect today as it was before – makes them deserving of the good reputation that they continue to enjoy, 10 years later and that, we have to celebrate!

In 2017, Bistrot Cinq is celebrating. Each month of the year will feature a creative dinner with a special guest. Truly, it is one of those meals that you can dream about. The best thing is that a good absinthe will always be present.


Mario Godínez

Mario Godínez es el actual chef de Bistrot Cinq, y tiene 9 años de trabajar con el restaurante. Aprendió a cocinar de la mano del Chef Robbin Hass, el reconocido chef estadounidense y fundador del restaurante. Mario trabajado en restaurantes como NOMA en Dinamarca, considerado como uno de los mejores restaurantes del mundo.



4a Calle Oriente #7
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